about me

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Welcome to my blog! I’m Lydia, a 20-something coffee addict currently living in Los Angeles. I love to create, write, share, and talk…so here we are. I’m so happy you found me!

Some more about me: I’ve loved cooking & baking for as long as I can remember. I see food as a love language, which probably has a lot to do with my midwestern/southern/Italian roots (yes, all three!) I remember being a little kid and standing on step-stools or sitting on counters, observing and “helping” whenever my parents were in the kitchen and would allow me. I even remember the first meal I ever made for my family. I was roughly 9 years old, it was a Sunday afternoon, and the dish was spaghetti and meatballs (obviously). I felt so much joy and pride setting the bowl of pasta down in front of family, really relishing in the fact that I had expressed my love for them in such a tangible, enjoyable way. Since then making something in the kitchen has been a practice that I’ve always found comforting and therapeutic (even when the recipe goes awry).

Fast forward a few years to my senior year of college in North Carolina. About to graduate with a degree in biology, and thoroughly panicked about my future, I started a blog. There wasn’t much of a “theme” back then (it was even named something completely different!). It was mostly just a place for me to document my life and express myself during such a weird transition time. Shortly after graduation I moved with my boyfriend, Mark, to Los Angeles. I’ve grown to love L.A, but the move was really hard at first. Being so far away from home, from all my friends and family, was really tough. To comfort myself, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. I would focus on baking the perfect sugar cookies instead of how much I missed my friends. I would make my dad’s pesto whenever I missed my family and they’d feel less far away. The blog was also steadily becoming more to me than just an online diary. In days where I felt uninspired in my day job (not always!) this blog gave me purpose, it was something I was contributing to and working on. Slowly I realized that my favorite thing to write about on here was the food I was making. Perfecting a recipe, styling the dish, and photographing the final product became a creative passion of mine. And people really seemed to respond to those posts! So A Girl & Her Coffee became a food & lifestyle blog, because I still like to sprinkle in a few posts about the other things I’m up to like fitness & self care, DIY projects, homemaking, reading, celebrating holidays, and traveling. And the name? Well, I do everything with a cup of coffee in my hand. 

My hope is that this blog simply functions to inspire you the way it inspires me: To try a new recipe that you otherwise wouldn’t. To go the extra mile in celebrating a special occasion. To add a little bit of childhood magic into your everyday life. To live life fully, authentically, and while having as much fun as possible. Thanks so much for stopping by!