Cookbook Club: Defined Dishes Whole30 Gumbo

Oy vey. How ya doin’ blog fam? Times are crazy right now, I know. The coronavirus pandemic is pretty intimidating. I’ve been trying my very hardest to be a responsible member of society by staying informed & practicing social distancing…but it’s been hard. As an extrovert, isolating myself is truly torture. I’m also finding that constantly being bombarded with scary facts & figures and everyone else’s fears is making me pretty anxious. I wish we could just break up the dialogue with a conversation about something else, you know?

Anyway, I’m trying to minimize my anxiety and maximize my fun during this process! I’ve got some great books to read, a lot of work to do, Tik-Tok dances to learn, and I’ve been working through a big list of movies that I’ve never seen and doing live reviews of them on my Instagram stories. This weekend I did the Lord of The Rings trilogy and…it was some of my best work yet.

Also, I’m cooking a lot. Cozy, healthy, and comfortable recipes. I’ve been leafing through my cookbook collection and just choosing things to make and it’s so. much. fun! It makes me want to start a new series here called the Cookbook Club, where I share recipes I’m trying from my favorite cookbooks (side note: if anyone in the Raleigh area wants to start a real cookbook club with me, hit me up!) 


So, to kick it off we have the Whole30 Gumbo from The Defined Dish. She’s been my favorite Whole 30 blogger for years now and she just published her first book and it’s INCREDIBLE. This gumbo is so freakin’ good, plus it freezes well if you want to make a big batch and save some for later (read: perfect for isolation). 


I’ve linked the recipe (again here, in case you missed it). The only change I made is I added shrimp to my gumbo…go big or go home, right?!

Okay, that’s all I have for today! Time for me to go make some Irish Stew (a work thing – I’m more of a corned beef & cabbage gal) and finalize my St. Patrick’s Day content. Wahoo! Stay safe out there friends.