Picking The Perfect Mattress

Moving across the country alone has been quite the learning experience. It’s been fun and stressful, full of promise…but also really scary (more on that, eventually) all at once.

A lot like picking out a new mattress!

I’m not kidding. Part of moving into a new apartment here in North Carolina was finally picking out a new mattress, since our old set up is still with Mark back in California. I’ve never done this before – in college I went from crappy dorm room mattresses to sleeping on whatever it was that one of the older girls in my sorority sold me when she graduated. When we moved to California, Mark’s uncle happened to have an extra mattress (an innerspring) that he kindly donated to us. At that point, having the mattress be free was more important than comfort or preference. This time around it was clear that I needed to invest a little bit more thought and $ into what I (and eventually, we) would be sleeping on.

No pressure!

It probably sounds ridiculous to someone who hasn’t had to deal with this yet, but the whole process can be really overwhelming. First of all, mattresses are EXPENSIVE so making the wrong decision can be costly. And there are SO many choices to make. So many different types of mattresses (foam? innerspring? hybrid?!), with different levels of firmness (how plush IS “plush”, exactly?!), and countless brands (don’t even get me started). Given that we spend approximately one third of our lives asleep, you kind of need to make sure what you’re sleeping on is comfortable. I mean, your mattress directly affects your quality of sleep which means it also affects your health, your mind, your mood, your happiness, EVERYTHING. It’s a huge decision, people!

I spent HOURS, days really, researching this. I had several meltdowns along the way because how the hell was I going to make this decision?! I went to mattress stores and methodically tested several types of mattresses, levels of firmness, brands, the whole shebang. When I narrowed it down to what I really liked (memory foam, with a cooling gel agent, medium-soft feel), I took insane notes about how the mattresses I loved were made. Then I went online. Nowadays, a lot of really great mattress makers are cutting out the middle man and selling the product directly online for waaay cheaper. I looked up some of the most popular online memory foam companies and lo and behold, found one with the exact specifications that I had fallen in love with in the stores (for thousands of dollars cheaper)! That’s right people, I went for the Nectar!


So here’s a few factors that sold me on the Nectar mattress: It has a great reputation. Whenever I hear people recommending online memory foam mattresses, it’s always Casper and Nectar. The layers! There are five layers, each with a specific purpose like offering support, cooling the mattress down, and adding that memory foam plushness. I knew this was important because it’s the same five layers that were present in all my favorite mattresses that I tried out in store. It has a year-long trial period!!! The longest I’ve ever seen, most companies have a 30-90 day trial. But Nectar lets you test your mattress out for a whole year. Hassle free return policy. If, for some reason, the mattress isn’t perfect for me (or Mark!) it looks like all we have to do is let Nectar know within 365 days of purchase and they arrange to pick up the mattress free of charge and refund you EVERYTHING back. How epic is that?


So, I ordered the damn thing 2 days before move in and when I got the keys to my apartment my queen-sized mattress was actually already waiting for me there. It was rolled up all cute-like, so I tore into that bad boy (carefully) and watched in awe as the entire thing inflated to full size in front of my eyes in a matter of minutes. Then I plopped down…and it felt like I was in heaven. Or, at least on a really supportive cloud. I’ve been sleeping really comfortably and soundly so hallelujah, it looks I didn’t screw this one up! Now I just need my actual bed frame to arrive so the experience get’s a little bit more…dignified. You can have the best mattress in the world, but if you have to get on hands and knees to crawl (literally crawl) into bed…it’s just not a good look.