Grapefruit Tart Trial #1

Things have been kind of tough this week.

On Monday, I had to say goodbye to my favorite dog in the whole world. His name was Moose, and he was my best fur friend. He wasn’t my dog, he belonged to a friend/coworker of mine. But I spent a lot of time with him and we developed a really strong bond (if you follow me on snapchat/instagram, you know what I mean), so while he didn’t officially belong to me, my heart definitely belonged to him. And anyone who’s lost a pet knows how hard it is to say goodbye.

So yeah, I’m sad. I thought a day of baking would make me feel better, so on Wednesday I attempted to make this grapefruit tart for some Valentine’s Day content. It wasn’t a disaster, but it was still a miss. It’s a bummer when something is so close to being a success, but hey, at least I learned something in the process. And baking did get me out of my funk for a little bit. Instead of thinking about how bad I was missing my friend, I focused on par-baking and curds (I also made the ice cream featured in my last post, and the sugar-high helped too).

So here’s a few pictures of the project. Honestly, doesn’t look like the worst failure in the world, right?



Here’s a tally of my failures/successes: The tart shell itself was great. Success! The grapefruit curd tasted good. Success! The grapefruit curd didn’t set correctly because I didn’t know to add cornstarch, so it was too runny and hard to eat. Fail. I over beat the merengue so there were too many air bubbles. Fail. I piped on some air-bubbly merengue in a pretty pattern to the tart and it actually looked nice (I didn’t photograph this step-ugh)! Success! I didn’t have a kitchen torch so I tried to use a lighter to brown the merengue. It was a Fail. I removed the merengue I tried to brown from the tart and re-piped new merengue, and it looked shitty. Fail.


Oh well, better luck next time. I did learn about curds and tart shell making (I’m baking out of Fearless Baker right now and it’s so informative!). I don’t have pie weights, so I also learned that pocket change is a good hack for that, lol. And I learned about par-baking and blind baking. Oh, and how to play tetris in my freezer/fridge so I could fit a big ass tart. Remember when I worked tirelessly on multiple batches of macarons until I figured out the right methods? And I loved it even though it was so frustrating? This is like that. I ain’t mad. Successes are made from failures. And it’s nice when those failures still look kinda pretty.

Sorry for the rambling. My emotions and head are all over the place! I’m trying to make sense of sad things and disappointment, I guess. I’ll be back to my peppy self soon, I’m sure. But keep your loved ones close. And if you have a fur friend, hug them and kiss them extra hard, even if they seem like they hate it. We don’t deserve pets, especially pets that were like Moose.