Ringing in 2018

So, I did a little fibbing here since I knew my sister was probably reading and pretended like I wasn’t going home for Christmas. Just kidding! I actually flew home to New York (got in on the 24th bright and early), surprised my sister and brother-in-law by popping out from behind the tree and pelting them with a snowball, and then spent about 30 hours with family before I flew back to L.A Christmas night. It was a quick trip, too quick, but the things we do for family. Right?

Upon returning to L.A I quickly got hit with the Christmas flu. Holy moly. I was pretty much bedridden for 3 days with a fever, aches, and lots of hacking. Now the fever and aches are gone and I’m just hacking, but at least I’m able to do things like stand up without getting dizzy. Needless to say, I’m taking NYE really really easy this year. As in, I’m coming home from work, putting on very warm pajamas, and drinking hot cocoa in bed.

I like New Years because of the promise of a fresh start. So while I know resolutions are kind of silly, I still like making them. I only really made progress on one of my resolutions from last year, but the progress I did make felt significant: I successfully finished my organic chemistry classes, applied to vet school, obtained a CVMA certification, and made a lot of personal progress. So, why not shoot for the stars again and see what this year brings?! Sooo…

Again, I’d like to save more money this year. But more than that I’d like to learn how to effectively budget and look at my money in a new, healthier way.

I’d still like to be more informed on the world. I had to suspend my NYTimes subscription for a while because I was too swamped with classes. I feel so behind on this and feel like it’s the scariest resolution of all, but I’m also determined!

Actually take the ceramics class! And swing dancing! And learn how to make latte art! And maybe learn how to sew!

I want to call my Mom more. And call my best friends more. And write more cards.

I want to go somewhere new this year. Top of this list is New Orleans (locally) and Ireland (internationally). 

I want to eliminate as many toxins from my daily routine as possible. I’ve read too many reports on toxic chemicals in everyday products causing cancer and now I’m SCARED.

Finally! If you are drinking this year and need a quick, easy cocktail, this is what I’ve been making myself this month (I don’t have a name for it): Combine St. Germaine, gin (I eyeball here), a splash of cranberry juice, and a cranberry La Croix. Garnish w/ mint, cranberries, and an orange slice. Festive! Boozy! Yummy!