Ghostly Devils Food Cupcakes

Sometimes I think about the type of mom I’ll be. Weird, right? I’ve pretty much wanted to be a mom since I could push my baby dolls around in a play stroller, which is maybe not a cool thing to say when you’re 25? But I don’t care. It’s the truth.

There is a shocking amount of moments in my life where I think “This activity I’m doing is something I can easily see myself doing with/for my child.” Like watching Disney movies, or decorating, or cheesy activities like this one last year, or baking festive treats. I think the things I delight in are things that kids also delight in, so it’s safe to say I’m pretty pumped for the day I get to drag my spawn along with whatever I have planned. But still, I occasionally worry about the kind of mom I’ll be. I hope I’m the kind that creates fun, unique, cherished memories for them and isn’t always run down, distracted or exhausted. But I also want to be the kind of mom that has her shit together, who goes the extra mile and who can make her kids think “my mom does that better than anyone else.” There’s a balance, ya know? Are you wondering where I’m going with this yet?!?!

I thought a lot about this when I was making these cupcakes. Because I was busy AF this week and didn’t really have the time to make them from scratch, but I didn’t want to nix the project altogether because I wanted to do something festive and make something for my roommates/coworkers (aka practice kids) to enjoy for the upcoming holiday. So…I bought a box mix. Yeah. That’s right. I bought a boxed cake mix and a can of frosting. This made me feel so guilty. I can’t even explain to you how guilty I felt at first. I totally felt like I was cheating!

This is where I make my point. My mom, bless her soul, made everything from scratch. Even with a demanding job, whenever anyone had a birthday or something needed to be brought for a class treat, she could be found late at night baking away. It was awesome. But…she was also often exhausted. And that wasn’t so awesome. There were a few times where she probably could have gotten away with buying boxed mixes or even pre-made treats. Nobody would have cared, she would have had more time, and it wouldn’t have been the end of the world. I hope to emulate my mom in many ways (I already imitate her a LOT) but I have to admit, that pressure to never cut corners is something I don’t really want to replicate. Sure, it’s great to take the time and make stuff from scratch 90% of the time. But what’s more important is balance and not making yourself crazy, right? That’s the kind of thing I hope to actively practice in my life so that when it is time for me to make class treats, I don’t break down.

So, I made these cupcakes in 30 minutes (not counting the time it took to make the ghosts). And you know what? They were frickin’ good! And the world didn’t end! And the gesture of love was still there! Plus, I did make the merengue ghosts from scratch. That should count.

…Even though they sort of look like really tall, white, poop emojis. I’m choosing to look past that. We can’t all be perfect.





P.s Sorry for rambling at the beginning of this. I’m out of practice on here.