Halloween Macarons

It’s been 100+ degrees in Los Angeles for the past few days. I hate the heat in general (WHY did I move here again?) but there is nothing worse than getting a taste of cooler temps and then having a heatwave roll in in late October and totally cramp your fall style. I haven’t wanted to do anything!

Fear not though. I took a page out of my Halloween 2016 book and did the quick, easy project of decorating some macarons! No baking or slaving in the kitchen required. I just picked some macarons up at the store, grabbed a paint brush and my black food coloring, and went to town. The quick task made me happy, scratched my festive itch, and I like to think it made everyone I offered one to smile.



Cute, right?!

Temps are supposed to be moving down starting tonight, so hopefully you’ll see evidence of me re-entering my kitchen soon. And tomorrow Mark and I are planning on finally carving our jack-o-lanterns (we’ll probably be melting in the process). Hope you’re all celebrating accordingly!