Star Spangled Sugar Cookies

Happy July 1st! I think the last time I made some sugar cookies was for Christmas, so it was about damn time I whip some up, 6 months later.


You all know by now that I don’t actually like sugar cookies, I just like making and decorating them, then gifting them to people I know who actually like eating them. These went straight to work to thank my coworkers for letting me take my vacation over the holiday. I’m so excited! Half of it will be a staycation (I rock at staycations…more on that later) and for the other half Mark and I are traveling a little north to Monterey Bay. He’s been dying to take me since we started dating, so we’re both really excited. Plus it will be nice to get out of L.A for a bit.

Anyway, I used my usual sugar cookie recipe (Have I shared it? I can’t remember. It’s kind of a secret because it rocks so hard. Sorry! But doesn’t everyone kind of have their own sugar cookie recipe that they inherited from a family member? Do you really need mine?) but I made two modifications! I happened upon some espresso powder while I was rifling through ingredients and decided, what the hell, so I threw a tablespoon in. It smelled and tasted heavenly. Like a sugar cookie with just a hint, a whisper, of coffee. Honestly I think I would have actually eaten this batch if I hadn’t already decided to gift them to my coworkers.

Also, I added red food coloring (obviously). Because the only thing more appropriate than star-shaped cookies are red star-shaped cookies with white and blue royal icing.


I chose this particular piping design because I’ve been thinking of all my mom’s decorations that are undoubtedly all over our cabin at the moment (sob). There’s one that looks exactly like this, it’s so Americana and such a classic. Kind of similar to this, only way better. There were so many more designs I could have done, I honestly think you should just look around your home and mimic a decoration in cookie form. It makes things so much cuter!!!


That’s all for tonight. Commencing staycation! Love you people. xx