Peruvian Pisco Sour

Guess who’s back back back, back again!?

I’m comin’ in hot today with a cocktail recipe that is to.die.for. Perfect for the summer heat here in LA (it’s scorching right now), really refreshing but also strong and, for me, seriously nostalgic: The Pisco Sour!

closeup pisco.jpg

Most people I mention this lesser-known cocktail to have no idea what I’m talking about, which only makes me love it more, because it’s like an awesome and impressive secret. Let me fill you in: I was introduced to the heavenly nectar that is pisco during the month I studied abroad in Peru. The whole month was an immersive experience in the culture/history of the country and the sociology minor in me freakin’ loved every second of it. But I won’t lie, the rowdy college kid in me also loved letting loose with my friends (and professors, lol!) at the clubs after lessons had finished for the night. And the drink of choice for everyone? You guessed it. 🙂


So pisco is a brandy that’s made in parts of Chile and Peru. Both countries claim they make be best pisco. The debate gets pretty brutal (I laughed endlessly at how ruthless some of the forums I found were), and I don’t intend on offending anyone here, but I say Peruvian pisco over all else. I’m fiercely loyal to the stuff. My parents have been to Chile though, and they said the pisco sours over there were also delicious. Unfortunately none of us have been to both countries so an official ruling can’t yet be made and we are still a house divided. 😦

Anyway! The recipe!


What You’ll Need

(Makes 2 Pisco Sours) // a cocktail shaker // 2 wide, short glasses // 4 oz Peruvian Pisco // 3 oz of fresh lime juice (key limes or regular) // 1 egg white // 2 tablespoons granulated sugar // angostura bitters // ice cubes

What You’ll Do

It’s so easy*! Add the pisco, lime juice, egg white, sugar, and ice cubes to cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously for a minute because you want it to get pretty frothy. Pour into two glasses over ice so that the foam forms a distinct top layer from the rest of the drink. and add 1-2 drops bitters in the very center. Enjoy!

*Except juicing key limes. That’s not easy. It was like popping really big pimples. Sorry, I had to say it. So just use regular limes…DON’T use lime juice concentrate it’s gross and doesn’t taste right. 


P.S Fun drinking activity! You can only speak in Spanish while you sip these. 🙂