Summer Reading List

Pardon my French, but holy sh*t, what a month. 

I’m finally done with organic chemistry (for now). And it feels so WEIRD! I was absent here for a while because every free minute I had was spent studying and finishing up the semester. Now I suddenly have all this free time that I feel so out of practice using! I spent the last few days after my final binge watching The League on Netflix (it’s hilarious and I highly recommend it if you’re into goofy comedy) but now I’m ready to resume actual hobbies and the one that I really want to prioritize this summer is reading. So I made a summer reading list! Anyone out there wanna join me for a book club? 🙂

summer reading list.jpg

And the goal: 8 out of these 9 books must be read by August! 

I still have a ton of things to get done this summer and for my sanity sake, I need to make sure I balance alllll dat with some actual fun stuff. Which means I can’t drain all of my free time binge watching Netflix. So having a list of books ready is good because when I’m reading a good book I couldn’t care less about TV.* Plus, what’s better than hitting the beach with a book and a margarita?!** Summer AF.

*For the record, when Game of Thrones comes back in July, all bets are off…you’ll find me on my couch with a bag of peanut butter m&m’s waiting to see some heads roll. 

**There are actually so many better book reading settings that come to mind here: On a hammock in the woods, outside a coffee shop with an iced latte, on a porch swing in the park, cozied up in bed during a June Gloom storm, in a lavender bath. A margarita and the beach still sound really good though!