Love and Lemons’ Broccoli Soup

I’m on a mission to make food as green as the hills of Ireland all month long. And look how good it’s going!

I’m also on a mission to eat festive food that’s not loaded with sugar. Which is usually kind of hard. But actually it’s easier in March because green is the color and usually green things are healthy. So I’m leaning into it, which brought me to this Broccoli Soup recipe.

Have you heard of Love and Lemons? More importantly, have you seen her cookbook?! It’s unreal. I picked this at random out of a plethora of choices that fit the bill and it didn’t dissapoint. It’s completely Whole 30 if you sub out the white wine vinegar (I didn’t, because let me live). And it’s green. And it’s good. 

I don’t eat a lot of broccoli. I love broccoli! I just don’t eat a lot of it. I get bored of steamed vegetables, home-made stir fries actually really annoy me, and to be honest the only other thing I ever knew how to do with broccoli was to slather it in cheese sauce. A classic. Not really healthy, though.

This isn’t a recipe for you if you don’t like broccoli. It is a recipe for you if you like broccoli but you feel often uninspired by it. It tasted like liquid broccoli with a hint of coconut and, with the red pepper flakes, a little kick. It reminded me of a pasta dish my dad used to make that had broccoli, pasta, cheese, and red pepper flakes. I used to love that dish and now I’m thinking of adding noodles to the soup to try and recreate it in a fun new way. Should sausage be added too? It might be terrible but that’s half the fun! All of a sudden I’m inspired.

What’s the point here…eat your vegetables? Try new things? Look at this green food I made? Go appreciate Love and Lemons?

All the above. Do it all. And please excuse my personal March madness.