Valentine’s Day 

I’m finally getting a free moment for a little check-in and it feels so good. It’s been pretty nuts around here. I wrote a little bit about it on a recent Instagram post, but to fill you all in: I’ve started Organic Chemistry classes this week and they are no joke. I have my work cut out for me, but so far I’ve felt less overwhelmed and more so excited about the material. It’s a bit of an adjustment in terms of my schedule, but nothing I can’t handle. And as I wrote on my Instagram, I actually prefer being busy. It makes me feel like progress is being made, which makes me feel empowered. I like feeling empowered. 

So that’s the big new change, and then there are all the usual things I try to balance: a full time job, my relationships, creating content here, staying healthy, etc. When I see it in writing I get a little short of breath but I keep reminding myself that having such a full life is a blessing and eventually I will be so used to it all that it won’t feel so crazy. Just a new and better normal. I find a lot of comfort in thinking how we never fully know how capable we are or how much we can handle until moments like this. Moments that push you to just kind of prioritize and make it work! I keep reminding myself to give myself more credit. If you’re going through something similar, here’s your gentle reminder to do so as well. 

So anyway, Valentine’s Day! Overall a great day, albeit relatively low key. It was the tail end of a very crazy 72 hours. I was up at 1 and 5 a.m to bottle-feed the newborn puppies I was watching overnight for work. I took the 1 am feeding as an opportunity to do some festive set up with all the balloons I had found because I’m batshit crazy. Then I ran out to make a donut run for my sweetheart at 6 am (since I wasn’t able to make him a brunch) was showered and out the door for work at 8:30 am, and worked till 6. After a full day and considering the fact that it had been a while since I actually had a full nights sleep, and I had chemistry homework to do, I wasn’t up for a lot. But Mark was still so sweet and managed to make the day special. He surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a Starbucks gift card, two absolute slam dunks if ya ask me. We opened up a nice bottle of wine from our wine-of-the-month membership, talked and laughed together, and watched The Nice Guys on HBO. It wasn’t very flashy, but it was us! At the end of the day it was spending time with the man I adore and that was all I really needed. I hope you all had G/Valentine days full of love, appreciation, and lots of sweet treats. I love you all so much. ❤