DIY Doormat For The Boys (Kind Of…)

This doormat is as much for the boys as it is for us girls. 

How do you figure, you ask? Well, it’s pretty for us gals, and it serves as a good reminder for the gentlemen (or gentlewomen, whatever!) in our lives. Now every time Mark walks up to our front door he’ll be reminded that if he doesn’t have flowers he shouldn’t even enter and he’ll turn right around. Just kidding! Maybe.

It was the simplest DIY project in the world. So easy there really is no way to break it down step by step. I purchased this plain door mat from Amazon, came up with the phrase I wanted, and used acrylic paint that I already had in my craft bin. If you’re not the greatest at freehand lettering you can use a stencil. And if flowers aren’t your present of choice then you can substitute the following items: chocolate, coffee, pizza, puppies, kittens, wine. Whatever your heart desires!

Hope you have a good weekend, friends!