My Theme for Februrary

I feel like different months have different catch phrases. Or at least that’s how I think of them. Do I sound crazy? Hear me out: January, the month of resolutions and fresh starts, can kind of be summed up by something along the lines of “Hustle” or “Let’s do this”. December has got to be something like “Family” or “Be merry”, November is probably “Gather”. Get it? Like an overarching theme of the month! I like the idea of that because it’s almost like a built-in intention to focus on for the month. Which is why I love February, because I feel like this months’ theme is “I love you”.

Don’t you agree? With the holiday of love being smack in the middle of the month I feel like I’m either preparing for (read: low-key celebrating) the festivities or I’m coming down from the V-Day high for the whole month. And I do not hate it, not one bit. So this year I’m going to really lean into that feeling and I’m going to make it an active goal to show and express love in as many ways and to as many people as I can. I feel like doing this is really important for my heart right now. So much hate is being spread in our country and world right now, and it’s totally begun to take a toll on me. I feel kind of empty sometimes. I need to feel full again, and the world could always use some more positive energy. So I challenge you do join me! Even if you’re not as explicit about it as me.

Here are some ways I plan on showing love, and some inspiration for anyone who wants to join me:

  • Sending & sharing handwritten notes.
  • Voicing respect, admiration, and gratitude at every possible opportunity.  
  • Donating money to a charity or giving to someone less fortunate than you.
  • Buy the coffee for the person behind you in line.
  • Surprising your work place with fresh flowers or baked goods.
  • Calling someone to check in and see how their day went (texting doesn’t count!)
  • Treat your loved ones to a homemade meal.
  • Picking up a chore your significant other hates, just to make their day easier.
  • Cut someone who normally drives you kind of crazy some slack.
  • Smile at everyone like they’re your favorite person.
  • Greet people with hugs (and high-fives). 
  • Commit small and random acts of kindness and thoughtfulness.
  • Speak no evil. No gossip, no hurtful words, no putting anyone down (including yourself).
  • Brighten someone’s day with a corny joke.
  • Pray if you’re into that. Or just send some good thoughts for people who need it.

And honestly, if all I accomplish is making one person’s day better, I’ll be okay with it. But I hope it will be more than that! I hope people will feel happier and more appreciated around me, and then will take that energy and intoxicate those around them. What do you think? Is there anything that I’m missing on my list that you know makes people feel loved? If so, comment below. I love hearing from you.

In the meantime, I love you all. The people who care to read my words and follow along with my story. I love you for letting me create and express here. ❤