DIY Valentine’s Day Cozy

I’m used to February being the most dismal of months. It’s the dead of winter, everyone is sick of the cold, and most of the fun winter holidays have come and gone. It’s not much different here in Los Angeles except of course our cold weather is pretty mild. Regardless, I’ve been freezing my buns off daily! The only thing that really gets me out of my warm bed is the thought of a steaming hot cup of coffee.

So I was inspired to craft a holiday inspired coffee cozy. For the days when I have to pick up my morning joe, on the go! Make this with kids to gift to Mom, for a cute Galentine’s Day party favor, or to impress your caffeine obsessed loved one. Single ladies, make it for yourself!

Materials Felt.jpg

Prep: Gather your materials. Cut out the felt strips that will turn into the cozy. Make sure there’s a slight arch to them because that curve will give it the characteristic shape once it’s around a coffee cup. Cut out felt hearts in whatever colors and sizes you want, but make sure you have some variety. Find white or clear thread and a small needle.

Step 1: I doubled up on felt to allow for extra hot cups. Extra protection. You get it.

So, full disclosure, I don’t know how to sew. I used to! I used to be the weirdo girl in elementary school who had an embroidering hobby. I vividly remember a fifth grade field trip to Colonial Williamsburg where I sat in the coach bus, my walk-man was blasting the Shrek soundtrack, and I was embroidering. If you’re wondering if I was ever bullied, the answer is a resounding and obvious duhhh.

Anyway. So I don’t know how to knit but my hands kind of remembered on their own which was good for me. If you were a cooler child than me with cooler hobbies this doesn’t mean you’re doomed: just think of sewing like making a really complicated knot. Fun!

Step 2: Thread the needle, make a knot to keep it put, and then I just stuck the needle straight through the felt, pulled it taut, looped the needle around the felt so it was back in original position, and repeated the process just a bit to the right. At the end I knotted it off, freshly threaded the needle, and started again working in the opposite direction.

If you look closely, you can tell the stitch work is neither neat or pretty. But who cares, because everyone will be too busy looking at the front of your cozy to notice. So moving on!

Step 3: Arrange the felt hearts in a way that tickles you pink. Get it!? Then, working from the bottom piece up, sew your hearts onto the cozy. Start with your needle inside the cozy, thread it through the center of a heart, then thread it through the opposite way again. Make sure when you thread it back the second time that you do it as close as possible to the spot where you stuck the needle through the first time. That way no thread will show! Continue with all the hearts. Pro tip: Don’t jump from heart to heart all willy nilly (life advice!), because if you go from far left to far right and back again, you’ll have a big yarn web inside of your cozy. For example, I sewed my hearts on in the following order: Big left red, big white, small pink, bottom red, bottom white, medium pink, and the right big red. See what I mean?

If you stop here that’s perfectly acceptable. Last second I decided I wanted a little sparkle and added a message to mine, conversation heart style!

Now you have an adorable, festive, handmade cozy! Your coffee will never be boring again. Enjoy!