The Now Massage

A couple of weeks ago for staff appreciation week, my boss hired a masseuse to come in and give us all 30 minute professional chair massages and it felt amazing. I decided on the spot that if I could feel that good after 30 minutes in the break room at work, it was time to book my first ever real massage. For a while I’ve been curious about this place in Los Angeles called The Now; it’s a minimalistic spot with a desert feel (a look I find so relaxing) and offers straightforward massages at affordable prices (the cheapest is $35!). I decided to treat myself this Friday because I’ve officially had no sugar, grains, dairy or alcohol for 15 days and I fucking deserve this. 


So first things first, the place is as gorgeous as it looks online. I went to the Santa Monica location and was astonished at how beautiful it all was! I chose a woman masseuse because I was a first timer and still a little nervous, and she immediately put me at ease and walked me through that gorgeous wooden door into the room where beds were in individual “rooms” that were separated by canvas sheets. I didn’t think twice about this, it was actually very private & I felt totally at ease. The pod was dimly lit with ocean sounds in the background, the bed was heated and very soft, and I was relaxed before she even started. The 50 minute massage changed my life and I am sold. Like, guys, massages are game changers. I’m doing this once a month for the rest of my time in Los Angeles. I’ll also be gifting it to anyone I possibly can. So…if you’re in the area and you’re friends with me…maybe stop reading or forget we had this conversation entirely.


I also woke up to RAIN that morning, so for two whole hours I read in silence with the windows open only hearing the rain and birds chirping. It was all around a super relaxing Friday, of which I am so grateful because I have a feeling the upcoming week is gonna be a long one.