Stuffed Jack-o-Lanterns 

Who said healthy food can’t be fun!?

I’m on day four of my Whole 30 program and things are good so far! I won’t bore you all with a ton of sad details of how I’m managing without grains, sugar, dairy, or alcohol. But I will say that so far it’s been absolutely manageable and actually enjoyable. Although, I definitely feel the absence of apple cider donuts right now. Like… in my soul. Anyway, I was initially so worried that my festive food creations would come to a screeching halt for the duration of this experience. But I’m happy to say I found a way to turn a Whole 30 recipe into a Halloween themed meal. Details below!


There are a lot of great recipes in the Whole 30 book, something that really surprised me at first. They don’t have huge grocery lists and the recipes aren’t complicated, but they yield much more interesting results than a variety of salads and roasted vegetables. Mark and I actually decided we’d cross off as many recipes from the book as possible, since we’ve been trying to cook healthier & more interesting meals together anyway. One that immediately caught my eye was this stuffed pepper recipe. It calls for ground turkey, tomato paste, onions, garlic, kale, and peppers. So simple! We picked up five orange bell peppers that looked so much like little baby pumpkins that we decided to carve jack-o-lanterns into them before stuffing them. Just like that, our dinner had a fun Halloween twist to it! 🙂