Hocus Pocus Movie Night

So the other day at work I was telling a coworker how I’ve pretty much been looking forward to watching Hocus Pocus since August when they disclosed that they weren’t really a huge fan of the movie. I literally looked at them like this:


WHAT?! Not a fan of Hocus Pocus!? Light the black flame candle and alert the witches to suck the life out of him because, if you’re not watching this movie every Halloween, you’re not living anyway! Right?!

Just kidding. But I seriously cannot imagine a life where I don’t look forward to this movie! I remember as a kid I used to watch it on the Disney channel whenever it was on in October. It is a major item on my annual Halloween to-do list. This year I held out until October 8th until I made Mark sit down and watch it with me, but before starting the movie I thought to myself…how much fun would it be to have a Hocus Pocus viewing party?! With festive snacks and maybe, oh I don’t know… a drinking game?! Who doesn’t love a good festive drinking game!? So I quickly thought up a few “rules”, grabbed some pumpkin beer, and tested it out. It. Was. Awesome. Now I’m definitely planning an opportunity to play with a big group of friends, and so should you! Without further adieu…


*Anyone who says Zachary Binx instead of Thackery Binx has to rip a shot.

*Last person to finishing saying the classic line, “It’s all just a bunch of hocus pocus” (both times) has to chug their drink.

One sip each time…

  • Thackery dies
  • The word “virgin” is used
  • The sisters walk in unison
  • The sisters are called ugly
  • Winifred calls for her “boooooooook”

Two sips each time…

  • The sisters are seen riding something other than a broom
  • The witches cast a spell or brew a potion
  • Billy’s head comes off
  • The book opens its eye
  • “Amok, amok, amok”
  • A salt circle is made

*All players must finish an entire beer for the duration of I Put A Spell On You. Anyone who does not finish their beer has to “dance, dance, dance until you die!!!” (or, for the rest of the movie)

*First person to spot the Christmas Vacation house gets to assign someone an extra drinking rule


Hocus Pocus Popcorn Recipe:

Any good movie viewing should include popcorn, and any good Halloween movie should include candy. Hocus Pocus Popcorn has both, and it’s easy. Do it.

Microwave one bag of popcorn. In a sauce pan combine a half cup of butter and a bag on marshmallows. Pour gooey marshmallow liquid over bowl of popcorn, and quickly add in candy/sprinkles/additional toppings of your liking. They should be in shades of orange, red, purple, and green…duh. Mix. Enjoy!


If ya host this with a big group, you should really have some matching decorations. At the minimum, a black flame candle should be present. But I’d heavily consider adding this, this, and THIS (!) to my collection…thoughts?!