Mickey’s Halloween Party

Okay, so back to our regularly scheduled Halloween programming. 😉

On Friday my parents and I spent the entire day (seriously 13 hours) in Disneyland. Since I’ve been in Halloween mode since about September 22nd, I was absolutely dying to visit the park on one of the special Halloween-themed nights. Every year from late September and throughout October, Disneyland hosts what’s called Mickey’s Halloween Party, which includes special rides, trick-or-treating, and a parade/fireworks show. We splurged for the tickets (an awesome birthday present) and my parents even got us a hotel room walking distance from the park entrance! It was totally worth it and such a fun time I’ll never want to forget, which is why I wanted to share some details here.

We got to the park at about 9:30 am. I was so excited to see all the pumpkins everywhere, the big giant Micky Jack-O-Lantern on main street, and all the Halloween themed treats and goods for sale. We immediately got Peter Pan’s Flight out of the way, since it’s the ride with the longest wait time, then knocked out Matterhorn Bobsleds and Space Mountain’s Ghost Galaxy. Space Mountain is a horrifying ride to begin with since it’s long and dark with a ton of really big drops, but the ghostly halloween visuals made it extra spooky and I pretty much screamed my head off the entire time.


After that much terror I felt I had definitely deserved a caramel apple, which came in the form of a spooky poisoned apple! So freaking creative!!! Over the course of the day we made the rounds to every “land” of the park and most of the other major rides, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, and Splash Mountain. We also rode the carrousel, Snow White’s Adventures, Pinocchio’s Journey, and I got to meet Cinderella and Ariel. I also made my mom buy me a pair of Halloween themed ears. I know…24 years old, or 5 years old? You tell me.


One of the biggest changes to the park during the day was the Haunted Mansion ride, which was transformed into A Nightmare Before Christmas theme. The decorations were so cool and the ride itself was so much fun that I actually went on it three separate times over the course of the day! Imagine how sick my parents were of hearing “this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, everybody screeeeeeeam!”




Now, I’ll be completely honest. The day was so much fun, but it didn’t start feeling extra special until about 7 pm when the park closed to regular admission ticketers and opened only to the Halloween Party ticketers. Is ticketers a word? Once the sun had set, the park completely transformed. Everyone was dressed in costumes, special halloween lights & projections went up, fog appeared over the lake, spooky tunes were blasted, jack-o-lanterns were lit, the whole nine yards! Trick-or-treat paths were set up throughout every area, and at each station park employees were giving out HANDFULS of candy. Oh God, I got so much candy.



The parade was short, cheesy, and fun. Jack Skellington and all the major villains showed up. But my favorite part of the night was the fireworks show. It was the most extravagant show I’d ever seen. Just look at that castle silhouette! At one point, it literally looked like the sky was on fire. So freakin’ cool.




By 10:30, our feet were sore, we were tired and sweaty, and I was more than ready for bed. We went home and passed out and I’m pretty sure I internally swore to myself that I would never spend 13 hours in Disneyland ever again. But to be honest, I’d do it again. 😉