Weekending & Welcoming 24! 

This weekend was a good one. Not only did I celebrate my 24th birthday, but my parents were in town for the first time since I’ve moved out here to help me celebrate! Which meant a lot of fun excursions, Los Angeles experiences, and great quality time. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better three days with my family, it was such a great way to begin my 24th year.

My parents had never really been to L.A for leisure before, and I really wanted to show them a good time. In a classic fashion I thought of killing two birds with one stone and decided to take them around the city to cross off a couple items on my Los Angeles Bucket List together. We started the day in DTLA, one of my favorite areas, where we visited the Original Los Angeles Flower Market. Think huuuge warehouse full of vendors selling gorgeous blooms of every shape, color, and size. It was like being in heaven. Even driving down the street, with the windows closed, you could smell the flowers. It was intoxicating. Miraculously, I didn’t walk out with any flowers (I wouldn’t be able to get them to water quick enough) but I’ve sworn off buying flowers from anywhere else. I’m only going here from now on.pinkrose.jpg



Right across the street from the flower market sat a brunch spot I’ve been meaning to try forever called Poppy + Rose. The name and proximity to the flower market now seem glaringly obvious clues, but I really had no idea the restaurant was so close to our starting point. It felt meant to be! The interior was this charming southern cottage feel with little floral details like mini flower pots holding sugar packets and pretty arrangements on each table. I got the fried chicken and waffle dish, mostly to allow my mom to finally experience what a fried chicken and waffle taste like together. She and I can both agree, it did not disappoint.


After a brief drive through the Piñata district (yup, a real thing), we stopped at The Broad museum! I’ve been interested in this museum for a while now, but have never found a good opportunity to go. Tickets are sold out for weeks in advance, and even though there’s always the option to stand in line to wait for entry, I was always sure that would take hours. We took a leap of faith and decided to stop by to see how long the line would be and we managed to walk in immediately! We did pay $12 per ticket, but it was completely worth it. The museum itself is gorgeous and the flow of exhibits is really well designed and easy to manage. And the art was so interesting! Seeing Keith Haring and Andy Warhol was awesome, but the pieces from names I had never heard before were actually my favorite! Like Robert Therrien’s Under the Table and Jeff Koon’s Balloon Dog (Blue), and Kara Walker’s African’t. Always good to get out of your element and do something intellectual 😉


When we first arrived in the museum I made a beeline to a sign up podium for the Infinity Mirrored Room before the crowds could beat me. If you’ve never heard of it you can read more about the high demand & limited edition exhibit here, it’s essentially an awesome 45 second experience and the wait times can get huge. We were given an estimated wait time of 145 minutes! But by putting our name on the queue first thing, we were able to walk around and enjoy the rest of the museum while waiting for our entry. Right as we finished everything we got notice it was our turn for the room. I was so happy this worked out because this was the part of the Broad I really wanted to see. It was crazy and stunning and the perfect last impression of the entire experience.


After that it was time for a coffee break, so we drove over to Alfred Coffee in Silverlake and tried to cool off with some iced cold brews. In another seemingly divine act of serendipity, there happened to be these Instagram-famous stairs that I’ve been meaning to seek out for a while, right across the street from the coffee shop! At first I was a little saddened to see the stairs ruined by graffiti and the presence of a Bud light can, but after a moment I realized the whole thing was so LA and I felt better.

but first.jpg


After such an eventful day, we were content to spend the rest of the evening at my apartment and grabbing tacos right across the street from where I worked, so they could get a good feel of my “daily life”. The rest of the trip was pretty much equally busy. On Friday we spent the whole day in Disneyland (more on that later). And Saturday Mark joined us for a couple of hours spent sunbathing in Malibu, exploring some canyon drives, and to cap off the weekend we rented A Nightmare Before Christmas and treated my parents to In-n-Out!

I’m so sad that it’s over now and that I have to wait until Thanksgiving to see my family again, but I just feel so enormously lucky to have such wonderful people in my life to make fun memories with. Thank you so much to my Mom, Dad, Mark, and everyone else who called me, texted me, or wished me a happy birthday! It was really one for the books.