Bedroom Update

In June I went from having 2 roommates to 3. While it meant cheaper rent (a total bonus), an extra person in the home also meant sharing common areas among four people, which sounded daunting. As someone who likes to come home and relax after work, I realized early on that this new set up was not going to be ideal for when I wanted some peace and quiet or to watch something on the TV that might not get the popular vote. It became obvious that I needed to really put in the work to make my bedroom a place of solace for those times when I needed alone time. And today I’m finally sharing the fruits of my labor!

The first step was reorganizing the entire room. My room is the smaller of the two in the apartment, and Mark and I realized that the way it was set up wasn’t really utilizing the limited space it had. We switched everything around, put the bed on the same wall as the door and the desk and dresser on the other side of the room. We found alternative spaces for things that didn’t need to be in there (like a book case and the drawers that hold my crafting tools), and we took down all shelves and artwork. Already, it felt like a brand new space. There was so much new room to move around and the general feel of the room was much cozier. Because I knew Mark really really wanted it (and I knew I would enjoy binge-watching Parks & Rec in bed) we added a TV on top of our dresser. It took some getting used to, but it eventually grew on me.

The hardest part came next in picking a color scheme for the room, which was something I had been struggling with for exactly 8 months. I did some hard-core Pinterest research and used the following images, which I found really appealing and Mark compromised with me on. Spoiler: I wanted a bright pink rug in the room and he just was NOT having it.

You can see some trends, right? The walls in my room are bright white and we have all white furniture with some wood and gold accents. So I tried to find images with similar aspects. I found that blue and purple hues really spoke to me. Also, those colors are cool, calming tones. Exactly the type of feel I want in my bedroom.


So I began gathering items. I started with a rug: I wanted this one more than anything but the price tag was off the charts, so we chose the one above from One Kings Lane instead. It added a lot to the room and once that worked I felt comfortable in committing to new bed linens and throw pillows. I think this was the hardest part for me because I had to be really really patient in finding the exactly right items. I am not patient. But I am in love with the pattern on the sheets and the lavender-ish pillow.


Next we did a quick DIY project to make our nightstands seem a little less Ikea by simply adding some fun hardware to the drawers. They show our personalities a little and tie some aspects of the bedroom together, which I love. The knobs are from Anthropologie. It was so so fun to look through them all with Mark and choose our favorites!



I have been all heart eyes over the floating wood shelves look for a while, and decided I really wanted to attempt the look in our bedroom. We have all these little odds and ends that don’t necessarily have a “place” but aren’t ugly enough to be hidden in drawers, and I saw potential in a little open wall space right between our desk and dresser. I picked these up at Target after staring at them for exactly 37 minutes and, while I wouldn’t wish hanging shelves on my worst enemy, I was immediately obsessed with the result. Plus, I am SO EXCITED to decorate them for different holidays. I always feel like bedrooms don’t get enough attention when it comes to seasonal or holiday decor.


We plan on adding a plant to the room because I just think greenery to any space makes it more alive. I want it right under the shelves in that very empty space. We plan to chose a plant that does well in moderate-limited sun, since our room does get natural light but only during a particular time span (I absolutely love the natural light in my room). Something like a fiddle tree fig or a snake plant. We have more research to do. Also, please note Gilmore Girls on the TV in the next shot, a prime example of my unpopular binge watching TV preferences.


Finally, it was all about adding our own personal touches and styles to the room. Mark is a baseball fan but I’m not into sports posters, so I compromised by buying the cute “Home Sweet Home” flag (in the shape of home-base) and the baseball print. My sister (who is now engaged!!!) has the same print in her home, so it makes me happy too! There are also pictures of loved ones (mostly mine, since I use the desk most and Mark refuses to send me pictures he wants printed no matter how much I hound him), a quote from Albus Dumbledore, and other fun details like gold desk accessories and these hilarious and colorful pencils. These are definitely a bit more reflective of my personal style than Mark’s, but he also cares a lot less than I do. Which is kinda why we work.




And there ya have it! It took a lot of time, a lot of research, and a ton of effort. But I’m really happy with the result, and Mark can’t stop laughing at how I seem to be “nesting” in here lately. He likens the way I can often be found curled up in our bed to a cat. It’s pretty spot on.

Hope you’re all having great weekends!