When life gives you lemons…

Ugh. Sometimes life is just really really really unfair. Like when your roommate doesn’t screw on the top of the simple syrup bottle correctly and when you go to put a little in your mojito it dumps everywhere, including onto your beloved and innocent computer. And when you spring into action immediately with a blow dryer to get all the sticky liquid out but your efforts are proving futile as you watch your screen flicker and finally go black. And when you take it in to the shop and beg with the Apple consultant to “please, do what needs to be done, but save the hard drive” as you realize the last time you even thought about backing up was the last time it crashed 4 years ago. And then when you come back days later to learn that your hard drive was erased and you now have to pay $800 for repairs. Yeah. When it rains, it pours.

So here’s some inspiration for anyone having a similar week. Don’t freak out, handle it, and say thank you because what goes down must also come up.




P.S Who’s ready for Bachelorette hometowns?!?!?!