Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

Or an otherwise exactly accurate description of what life has been like lately. An intense balancing act of crazy days adjusting to a new job and a new roommate, taking ample opportunities to be lazy and power through 2 books, and generally feeling like ohmygodsummerstartedtwoweeksagoandwhereisthetimegoingandwhatamiDOING?!?

I hate the idea of time speeding by and me not making the absolute most of it. To be honest, I’ve felt so all over the place lately that I haven’t had a lot of mental or physical energy to devote to anything other than just existing. But that ends now with my Summer Bucket List and some details about fun things coming up! I like to make these bucket lists for every season and I believe I’ve shared some on here before. They’re a good reference for days when you feel uninspired for something to do, they really help me feel like I’m taking full advantage of the season and the unique experiences it brings. I print them out and hang them on my fridge, next to my calendar, or tuck them away into my planner so that I’m always thinking about when I can do the next activity!

Summer To Do List.jpg

summer planning.jpg

summer fridge_edited-1.jpg

Summer is a time meant for staying up late, spending too much time outside, grilling, relaxing, and getting your face and hands sticky with frozen treats and fresh fruit. So a huge portion of my list centers around those things.

One of my favorite parts of summer has also always been the annual trip to my family’s lake house in Wisconsin (pictured in the background of the bucket list). I am SO excited to be going this week! It’s going to be short, much shorter than the month I spent there last summer. But I cannot wait to see my family, nap in our hammock, play in the lake, and go on bike rides through the woods. And who could forget, Fourth of July festivities!!!

I’m also looking forward to planning some surprise dates for Mark, including a trip to a theme park and maybe a fishing excursion! Also, Harry Potter concert is coming up soon. No biggie. And if I’m really feeling wild, I’ll cash in the gift certificate my big sister got me for surfing lessons. I’ve been putting that one off for a while because I’m frankly so sure I’ll be attacked by a shark.

What are your plans to make this summer an extra special one? I am always taking more suggestions.