Hey, so. Long time no see, right? It’s been a crazy week and a half (feels more like a month). To save a lot of time and writing space, I essentially restarted the job application process, got released from my old job, and gained an even BETTER job within one week! I feel really lucky that everything worked out the way it did and know that it’s actually pretty rare that things happen in such a way, so I still feel a little bit on edge about when the other boot will drop. But I’ve been keeping my cool and just trying to have some fun in the midst of figuring everything out! I’m getting so excited for a really quick weekend in North Carolina seeing some of my best friends which will definitely do me good in this crazy time. And can you even believe Memorial Day is coming up so soon?! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was graduating from Elon, looking into a horrifying abyss of possibilities and unknowns, and accepting that my Memorial Day 2015 was likely going to be underwhelming. Here we are, a year later, and I’m again about to enter a new phase of my life! Although this time I’m feeling a lot less resistant towards the changes that are coming ;). Anyway, let’s be done with this overtly nostalgic tangent. On to this cool place I found in Los Angeles.

Right on the same avenue that my new job will be on is this place I learned about from the Explore section of Instagram. It’s called Rawberri, and it’s a tiny spot specializing in acai bowls and satisfying every trendy aesthetic craving your little heart could ever have. I love this part of L.A, it is so easy to find places catering to the latest food craze.

The walls, chairs, and paper goods are patterned with the very popular palm leaf print (similar to the one made famous by the Beverly Hills Hotel), the light fixtures are an interior decorators dream, there are funky hanging chairs looking out of the wall-length windows, and if that’s all not enough to make you whip out your phone and scream “I HAVE TO INSTA THIS”, there’s a LED “Good Vibes Only!!” sign making sure you know to leave yo’ baggage at the door.



I got the Dragon Fruit acai bowl with bananas, blueberries, almond butter, honey, and cacao nibs. It was amazing. Filling and refreshing. No leftovers. Nothing surprising there.



I often tell people my favorite part of living in this city is “eating my way through it”. It’s also my favorite way to share where I live with people who are visiting. So I knew I had to share such a fun spot with any of you guys who might be visiting L.A sometime in the future! It’s so so good and you won’t regret stopping by. Have fun!