DIY Garden Pots

As I’ve grown older, I’ve begun taking a lot of pleasure in the moments where I find myself recognizing a behavior or an interest I have that stems directly from one of my parents. Something about the simple, linear path of “I am this way because my parents are this way” seems really comforting to me, especially now that I am so far away from them. It makes me feel connected and closer to them somehow. It happens a lot when I’m cooking, and most of the moments connect somehow to my Mom. But recently there’s been another interest I’ve been developing that makes me think exclusively of my Dad, and that is gardening.

I never fully appreciated my dad’s gardening skills until after leaving the nest. I took for granted being constantly surrounded by beautiful flowers and having homegrown fruits, vegetables and herbs at my disposal. I remember brushing off his many attempts to get me to garden with him, usually participating for 10 minutes before getting distracted. I do remember loving trips to the nursery. But that was about it. Now that I’m on my own, I really crave greenery in and around my home again. So, with the boys, I’ve started growing my own little garden on our terrace. Right now we have a tomato plant, a basil plant, a lemon tree (hopefully), and a variety of ivy and succulents. I’m obviously most excited about the tomato and basil plants. Hopefully they’ll provide me with what I need to make caprese salad, another thing I strongly associate with my father.

Here’s the thing. Potters are either really ugly, or really expensive. I just think the plastic things are gross and the ceramic brown is too basic. So to add a personal touch to our garden, I decided to paint some potters.

I started with some ugly brown ceramic potters. My first step was imagining each plant that would go in each potter, and from there I decided what colors/patterns would be the most fun and complimentary. I needed 3 pots, one for the tomato plant, one for the basil, and one for a succulent. From there all I needed was some paint brushes, acrylic paint, and sealant.



The polka dots were the most fun to do, and I love how it looks with the pink + green succulent. The purple ombré is going to look so pretty with my green basil inside of it. And for the tomato potter I decided on stripes in shades of green, to compliment the red of the eventual tomatoes. That one is actually a work in progress, as you can probably tell, since the lines aren’t straight or even. But hey, that’s the creative process.

Now my terrace is full of pretty plants, and I can’t wait to add even more to the mix. Always open to any tricks of the trade or suggestions for what to shop for next!