Some Easter Treats

I love holidays, but I really hate when they fall as close together as St. Patrick’s Day and Easter did this year. I just find that I don’t have nearly enough time as I would like to individually celebrate each! Like all week, I was finding myself feeling scrambled (shameless Easter egg pun) to make Easter themed treats over just 10 short days. But then I took a deep breath and came to terms with the fact that my wallet and my waistline both couldn’t handle endless holiday indulgences right now.

So instead of senselessly spreading myself way too thin, I’m keeping it simple for this one. And by simple, I mean I’m going to dye eggs, craft my man a funny basket, and make an Easter Sunday meal. And for the rest of the great, inspirational treats and ideas I’m seeing everywhere, I’m compiling a Love List. It includes things I’ve done in the past and loved, and things I’d still love to try. Partly to inspire others, and partly to keep them in one place so that next year I have some ideas ready to go. Without further ado.

1. You know I love breakfast dessert. Especially cinnamon rolls. And I fuh-reaking love carrot cake. I would make these in a heartbeat if I wasn’t already planning on making my mama’s purist carrot cake recipe.

2. Speaking of breakfast, these bunny pancakes from last year were bomb. Laughing a bit at the poorly edited Instagram photo.

3. I tried this once on a whim and it was an epic fail, but this looks so good I might have to just try it again. I’m thinking of scoring some clearance peeps after Sunday and making it as a weeknight movie night snack.

4. I have gone through 10 bags of mini Cadbury eggs since March started. I’m not kidding. I’m addicted. Pair that with my favorite cookie, a coconut macaroon, and some Nutella and you get the dreamy dessert I made last year for Easter Brunch.

5. One of my friends once requested I do a whole series on mini desserts, and mini donuts had me pretty much sold on the idea. Plus, I’ve actually been craving pistachio flavored things ever since St. Patrick’s Day.

6. Cupcakes. With that lavender frosting. And the eggs. Need I say more?