Updates on Decorating

A couple of weeks ago you might have seen this post I wrote on planning the new look of my living room. I was really excited about finally solidifying a color scheme for the room. It made the whole process of gathering and forming a home a lot less daunting. Now I’m giving a little update on how the space is going, for all my fellow post-grad, poor as shit, IKEA shopping DIYers out there. This is how your peer is getting by.


It turns out picking the color green as the central focus for the room was a great idea. When I first pitched it to the boys they were suuuper unenthusiastic, but then I just went ahead with my plans (as always) and they ended up really liking the outcome (as always). Green turned out to be a perfect compromise of feminine and masculine, it compliments other colors really well (think various holiday decorations), and it’s really easy to find stuff in the shade you want. Plus, I can kill two birds with one stone by buying plants to display: more green and I looove having plants in the home. Boom.

You’ll see a lot of similarities between the Photoshop plan and the real deal, but what you won’t see are the $100 throw pillows from One Kings Lane. I just really couldn’t swing that. So instead I opted for some cool pillow covers from Society6.com. I have these two white suede pillows that I display either as is or stuffed into other cases, so I saved some money (and space) by just buying the pillows.


The gold foil coffee table tray is from West Elm, and is a huge hit in the home. It pops against the green and the dark brown hues so so well. I’m a huge fan of the gold-green-brown-white visual, so you can see that playing a role throughout the room. It makes for finding fun knick knacks an interesting adventure.


We also finally mounted our TV! And the boys hung corner shelves! Which I don’t hate! Hoorah!


And finally, a cool project that I wanted to share. For as long as we’ve lived here my roommate has wanted so badly to put up a small shelf right next to the couch so that he can”rest his drink on it.” I know.Why even have a coffee table, right? But I’ve learned to pick my battles. I was not about to ruin a nice room with a random, frat-house-dorm-room style shelf, so I proposed a DIY sofa table instead. I really love the way it turned out. The project costed about $50, and took just one Saturday evening. I got the tutorial for the table here, and made some modifications to fit our needs. It was honestly really easy and is such a sweet addition to our home. Thank you, DIY Gods.

And that’s it! We still have a long way to go, but I feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is fast approaching.