Farewell, 2015!

Wow, what a year. 2015 was filled with surprises and blessings and ultimately, so much happiness. I traveled to Peru, I graduated college, I vacationed hard all summer, I took a cross country road trip, moved to LA, got a job, and made some of my favorite memories along the way. Oh, and I started this blog! Life has been so kind to me and I feel so lucky that I get to see another year go by.

As for resolutions this round, I have many. I’m going to more actively pursue new interests. I’ll make healthy living more of a priority. I will work to not be held back by insecurities. I will get more sleep. And my big big one? When I think something nice or appreciative about someone, I will tell them. Even if I’m not with them.

I won’t be getting a New Year’s kiss this year, since Mark decided to spend the holiday with friends back on the east coast (I’m such a cool girlfriend, right?) and I was almost fully resolved to spend the night watching the ball drop in my jammies, drinking an entire bottle of Moet by myself (which still sounds heavenly). But all of a sudden I found myself hosting a few people! So last minute, but great because I didn’t have time to stress about it much. I’ll share details on the food/drinks eventually.

Happy New Year!!!