Some Decorating

Someone once told me that if I ever had a book written about me, it would be called Shades of Neutral. And oh, how right they were! Especially when it comes to decorating. It’s not that I don’t love color, I really do! I just get super intimidated by the idea of committing to one. But I’ve been forced to face facts- my home looks kind of bland right now. Everyday decorating isn’t an explicit focus of mine on this blog, but it is one of my favorite things to think about so I thought it might be fun to actually share some of those thoughts. Today I’m focusing specifically on my living room, since it’s the room that needs the face lift the most.

My usual philosophy is to stick with as many big neutral pieces as possible, because then you can easily change out little items depending on mood, season, holiday, etc. That’s about as far as I got in the living room before, BOOM, crippling color fear. And after months of non-committal sifting through Pinterest and sites like and One Kings Lane, I finally buckled down and made a plan.

living room_edited-1.jpg


mirror // chair // left // middle // right // pillow 1 // pillow 2 // pillow 3 // tray // candle // vase

The things that exist in the room already include a beige couch and a brown leather chair that are very similar to the ones pictured, the Ikea coffee table, and the brown mirror. I love love love whites and browns (and gold!) together, as you can tell. This is actually a pretty accurate layout of my living room, so it gives a good idea what the finished project will look like (hopefully).

I decided that to really commit, I would have to be able to visualize it. And to visualize it, I would have to make a picture! I think this is a great first step to take if you’re feeling nervous. I know that just looking at this picture makes me feel loads more confident in my decisions. I tried this with a number of different color schemes, but ultimately decided on green because it’s beautiful with the brown, it’s not too masculine or feminine, and it won’t clash with Christmas decorations. That’s right. That is actually something I seriously consider when I design my permanent living aesthetic. Green also goes with gold, and I know for a fact that I want to put a gold end table in here. I just didn’t edit it in because I have no idea what kind of style I’m looking for.

So the first thing I looked at was artwork. I spent about 4 hours on with these three pieces in my shopping cart, measuring and remeasuring, looking around trying to see if I could imagine it, and talking myself out of it and back into it. Finally I just bit the bullet and placed the order, and I feel excited because that’s a major step forward! I’m getting the middle print in a wooden frame that matches the brown of the table and mirror, and the other two are coming in white frames.

Next, I surfed around for some cute throw pillows. The brown ones are already mine, but I think the green and cheetah ones add a nice pop to the space and bring the scheme together a bit. They’re pricey, so I’m going to hold off on them until the paintings come and are finalized. Or I’ll probably find cheaper ones just like them. Doin’ this all on a budget, ya know.

I also think one of the best ways to add character to the room is via the coffee table. I want to add a gold tray to hold remotes, a green candle, and maybe a vase of flowers. Then I’ll also probably need to include some good coffee table books!

That’s really it so far! I thought about adding a rug, but I decided I’d hold off on it right now. We have these beautiful hardwood floors that I don’t necessarily want to cover up. So what do you think? Any suggestions are welcome! Do you have a favorite color to decorate with?


P.S. Thinking I HAVE to get this for over my bar cart.