Christmas 2015

Ahhh, another Christmas come and gone. I’m having serious PCD over here (post Christmas depression) so I am absolutely refusing to put away any decorations just yet. It was just such a wonderful weekend, I want it to continue forever!

Mark and I left for New York on the 23rd and the trip was a bit of a doozy. Granted, we weren’t traveling with children and we flew out at 2 pm and we had those ridiculous donut neck pillows AND I even purchased us “carry on cocktail” kits, but it was still a little rough. I had 3 bags, including a suitcase of my belongings, a duffle packed entirely with presents, and my purse that I had managed to carefully stuff several miles of wrapping paper into. I’m a bit of a champ at getting away with harmless shit in airports (I’ve been flying so much for so long) so I somehow managed to get everything through security and onto the plane without having to check anything, but it took up a lot of mental energy. And I know I caught Mark rolling his eyes at me about a million times. I actually seem to remember a particularly exhausting moment when I realized that I had officially become my mother (which isn’t a bad thing, mom!). I knew it was going to happen sooner rather than later.

Anyway. 5 hours, 3 trivia games, and 2.5 movies later we landed. Once we got to NYC it was 11:30 at night, and by the time I got to my parent’s apartment it was past midnight. It was so nice to be home but I pretty much passed out before it was able to even hit me. Christmas Eve started with a quick run with my dad, and then we were sent out to grab some last minute Christmas gifts while my mom cooked up a storm like the rock star she is. After that my main focus was wrapping presents until my big sister came over, which was good because once she did arrive I didn’t want to do anything but hang out with her! We made some family cocktails, listened to cheesy holiday tunes, and tried to help in the kitchen. The Christmas service was nice and our traditional 10 pm dinner at an Italian restaurant was as delicious as the wine was red ;).


Christmas morning was pretty standard. We drank mimosas and coffee, sat around our living room, and took turns opening our presents one by one (we really like to make the process last), making extra sure to ooh and aah at all the pretty wrapping paper (I mean, really last). I was sooo excited about the gifts I got my family this year and was so happy that they seemed to like everything. Plus, my gifts were pretty badass too! Some of my favorites included a fitbit (the family and Mark all got them too so we’re in step competitions!), a surfing lesson, a really beautiful ring from my dad, and…A KITCHENAID! My family has a Christmas day tradition where after presents we go out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant and then to a movie. We’re not even a little Jewish, so I don’t really know how this became such a standard, but it’s pretty fun! We saw Star Wars since we’re a bunch of nerds, and I loved it! I never got into the franchise in the past, but now I’m so excited to watch all the movies with Mark. And he’s pumped he has someone to nerd out with.


The 26th was a verrry social day. I spent the morning with one of my best friends, the afternoon at a Broadway show with the parents, had dinner at my sisters place (which was homemade pasta w/ alfredo from scratch and sprinkles of truffle. dying.), and then met up with Mark, some friends from high school and their girlfriends for drinks. So now I can be a hermit for a while, right?!


Finally, Sunday was spent with my mom, decorating gingerbread houses that she made from scratch! Now let’s talk about gingerbread houses real quick. I’ve been really conflicted about them lately. There’s all this hype, they’re on everyone’s holiday “to-do” lists, and they look really fun and awesome when you see perfect beautiful pictures of the finished products. I WANT to love them! But half the battle is always keeping the whole damn thing up! And the candy/icing that comes with the packaged stuff suuucks. I tried to do a boxed set with my roommates a couple weeks ago, and about 5 minutes passed before I had a full on temper tantrum and abandoned the project altogether. So I was thiiiiiis close to ending my relationship with gingerbread houses for good. But the homemade stuff changed me! Hoorah! I’m not a Grinch!!! Next year when I attempt it again, I’ll write more on the topic. But for now my biggest tip is DON’T EVER BUY THE BOXED CRAP if you can avoid it.

Now I’m back on the west coast, where I get the apartment alone to myself for a week! I love my roomies, but it’s a little like an extended vacation :). Lot’s of quiet time to get my ducks in a row for the new year. I can’t believe December is almost over! Hell, I can’t believe 2015 is almost over. Soon I’ll be switching out my Christmas decorations for spring themes! But not yet. I’m still not ready.

Whew! That was a lot. Thanks for reading!