Christmas Eve Eve

Merry Christmas Eve, friends! Can you believe how quickly it’s arrived?! I’m currently blasting Christmas music and drinking coffee in my parents’ house, gearing up to make some serious sweets with my mom and wrap presents until the real festivities begin. You might as well call me Saint Nick, because I am jolly as shit.

Yesterday was Christmas Eve Eve, and you better believe I milked it for all it was worth! Mark and I had the apartment to ourselves until our flight back to New York, so we decided to have a Christmas morning! We knew we wouldn’t see much of each other over the weekend since we both would be so focused on precious time spent with our families, so this was a great way to celebrate together. And I’m so glad we did because it was really, really sweet. Our first Christmas!

I really love a good Christmas tradition, and I’ve noticed a need for a good tradition when it comes to Christmas morning breakfast. My family always makes these pancakes that I’m not a huge fan of, so I’ve been passively searching for something to fill the void. I came across this recipe for eggnog french toast bake and thought it was perfect. Mark and I are HUGE eggnog fans. That boy can put away a whole carton in one night. And french toast is one of my favorite special occasion breakfasts. So I tried this out and honestly, the search is over!


It was so good. So so good. And really easy to make! Assembling everything the night before took about 25 minutes, and then I put the uncooked dish in the fridge to soak overnight. I woke up 1 hour early to put it in the oven, and that was it!


Mark polished off about half of the pan, so it was considered a success all around :). We sat on our couch, watching Elf, drinking coffee (and hot chocolate) and eating our breakfast.


Then it was time for presents! We opted to not get a tree this year, since both of us will have trees at our family homes, so we used a little decorative one instead. I rested it on an ottoman so we could put presents “under” it.


This picture just cracks me up. The differences in our wrapping jobs is hysterical. I wrapped the red presents, and he wrapped the blue and gold. Boys are so barbaric!

For Christmas I got Mark running clothes, a camelbak water pack, an airplane cocktail kit, and a NY Giants grill cover. He got me a sleeping bag (for camping adventures), a set of Moscow mule mugs, a turkish coffee maker, and a kit for cleaning my car. Hint taken.


It was kind of sad leaving our apartment, especially with all the decorations still up. I feel like they’ll be lonely! But we both agree it feels really nice to be home in New York for the holiday. My mom’s apartment puts mine to shame, anyway. She’s the queen of decorating.

That’s all for now! Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!