Thanksgiving 2015

This year’s Thanksgiving was probably my favorite in the past five years or so. Mark and I were invited to celebrate with his mom’s entire side of the family up in the San Francisco area, and you better believe I jumped on the opportunity to pull out some real fall gear. I was so excited to wear some cute fall outfits, in fact, that I only packed jeans. Let me repeat myself. I didn’t even bring leggings. I wore jeans the whole weekend. Which is like probably the most adult thing I’ve done in a while.


The whole weekend was spent with family (kinda). Thanksgiving consisted of great food and football, and although I missed my mom’s cranberry relish, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, I really couldn’t complain about the smoked turkey that was served.Mark and I also got a chance to explore Muir Woods, a big redwood forest where we could really get our fill of fall foliage! There were a couple of really fun family gatherings, some epic scrabble and Cards Against Humanity games, and even a Secret Santa exchange. But my favorite part of the weekend was probably the day Mark and I spent in the city of San Francisco!


I don’t know what I loved more, riding the cable cars through the festive streets while humming “ring ring ring goes the trolley” from Meet Me in St. Louis, or walking across the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset. Actually, who am I kidding? Definitely the former.


Can’t wait for next year’s Thanksgiving, which is bound to be even better. And now it’s time for CHRISTMAS!!!