What I’m Thankful For

As the years go by I feel like I continuously have more and more to be thankful for around this time of year (and any other time, really). This year I feel especially attuned to all of the ways in which I’m blessed. Maybe it’s that my life is in an upswing, or I’m possibly just taking less for granted and starting to realize the true value of all that I have. Regardless, it’s worth putting in writing. Here’s a few things I’m thankful for this year. 

My health. The fact that I am alive and well, that I have nothing holding me back from living a healthy and active lifestyle (except my sweet tooth and an occasional tendency to be lazy). 

I’m employed, and I love going to work. I love interacting with people and helping animals. I love learning how to think like a veterinarian. I’m overworked and exhausted a lot, and sometimes I have bad days, but at the end of the day I know I’m exactly where I should be. 

I made the biggest and scariest move of my life by relocating across the country from my friends, my family, and mostly everything I knew this year. In doing so I learned more about myself, my relationships, and my faith than I ever thought possible. I feel lucky that I have such supportive friends and family. I feel lucky that I know more solidly and confidently what I am capable of. And I feel lucky to know I’m not alone, even when it all feels impossibly frightening. 

I have a person who loves me and who makes it his priority to make me happy. Mark is amazing. He is my greatest teammate. I forget this often, but he’s always on my side and everything he does, he does with me in mind. That’s nothing short of incredible. Plus, I get to see Mark every single day! I went from seeing him a couple times a year to coming home to him every night. I’ll never take that for granted. 

I have so much life ahead of me (hopefully). I have so many things to experience, so many passions to develop, so many interests to pursue. 

And finally, my family. My sister, mom, dad and all my extended relatives. The fact that they’re all safe and healthy. The fact that they’ve always provided me with nothing but endless amounts of love. I miss them so much this holiday, but I’ve never felt more thankful for them. 

Lastly, pumpkin pie. Duh. 

Hope everyone has your eatin’ pants on! Gobble till ya wobble and stay #thankfulgratefulblessed