a big announcement!

This summer has been, well… weird. SO much fun, but also really unpredictable and strange. It’s been an awesome learning experience of how to deal when life throws ya unexpected curveballs (note: throwing yourself on the ground and pitching a fit does not help) but I’m ready to get back to establishing some normal routine. Plus, it will make blogging regularly way easier. I try to maintain some level of optimism in my life, so here is my half-glass-full outlook on that: The time spent not blogging has allowed me time to reflect on what exactly I want this outlet to be…so I think I’ll have a better time finding my voice on here!

Anyway, it looks like the view of future got a little less fuzzier! I’m still jobless (someone please hire me), but the boyfriend and I finally decided on a place to move to. Which brings me to the big announcement…*drum roll*: We’re goin’ to Los Angeles.


Picturesque palm trees in Santa Monica!

Two weeks ago we took a trip out there to check it out and decided it was the right place for us right now. (some pictures below!) Yes, we’re prepared for the traffic…sort of. No, my parents are not happy about it. Sure, I hope I have a meet-cute with Jason Segel and we fall madly in love. But whatever.


Watermelon margaritas outside at Blue Plate Taco after walking around the boardwalk


Very late night In-N-Out after laughing my ass off at the Laugh Factory


Enjoying Malibu with my “mali-boo”

donutsBy the way, I lugged those donuts on two flights and through 3 separate airports. The number of people who expressed astonishment at my dedication was hysterical. What can I say, I’m a dedicated doughnut enthusiast.

LA has a lot of creative energy flowing through it, not to mention the beautiful weather, the beach, the trendy food, clothes, and workouts. Plus my personal trainer of a boyfriend will have a field day job-wise. We’ll be moving in with a longtime friend (pray for me as I live with two boys) so I know it will be a good time. I’m really sad about leaving the east coast and going so far away from my family and friends, plus I don’t really think I’m cool enough for LA, but it’s not forever!


A happy, valuable reminder right on a random wall!

The next couple of days are my last at my lake house, and I’m getting in as much quality time with my parents as possible. Then I drive alllll the way back to New York for a girls weekend, down to NC to say goodbye to my best friend and get my stuff from storage, and then all the way across the country! Stay tuned to see if I come out alive and sane.