Long Live Elon

I haven’t written in 2 weeks! HOW did that happen? I imagine it’s because between finals, packing my apartment, saying teary goodbyes to my friends, and GRADUATING, there haven’t been a lot of opportunities to sit down and write. Or there have, but I’ve been filling that time with heavy drinking. Sue me, I’m a sucker for FOMO.

2-Fo3gtdnrR6s3J-onbMTX4vfH4Ndiz1EG6oC47ylVwYCMVTFtJz2Qzfh4e5hI94W8zN7-GA=w1033-h463Now it’s all over (or, just beginning?) and it feels really unbelievable. I’m officially an Elon University graduate, with a B.S in Biology and 2 completed minors in sociology and statistics. As good as it feels to know I’m finished with my undergraduate degree, I feel really sad to be done with Elon. My four years in college were the best years of my life thus far! Elon is my home, and has been since the day I moved into my freshman dorm. I established a level of familiarity here unlike one I’ve ever had before. I made some of the best friends, developed some awesome passions, and became a version of myself I always hoped to be. During my time here I learned so many things in and out of the classroom that changed the course of my life. I was pushed to work harder than ever before, to explore without fear, to become involved, to never give up, and to accept occasional failure (but still to never give up). I was taught to be kinder, more aware, and to value the power of quiet leadership. I learned that making people happy is one of the most important daily practices ever, and that doing things with enthusiasm, even when feigned, leads to infinitely better results. I don’t know what will happen next for me (still trying to figure all of that nonsense out) but I know that I’m prepared for whatever life throws at me because of the people I met and the experiences I had here. Long Live Elon!

4-I77yOtC8svBVQept_R9iy9_nVrMuXX8n7e7Y26rDvUWfhpYAHoT4HETn9_0vXsj-CtJYyw=w1033-h463Appropriately, my decorated grad cap said “Mischief Managed” because, well, I did just that! Plus I’m the biggest Harry Potter nerd AND Elon is basically Gryffindor so…

6-Rt3lo8KeMtgSHGm0BDmWTBVT0NPrcRSbsxKb0dKxlWaoVDU2Hd6P6GP2OCahaIh6kfIbWw=w1033-h463All my stuff is packed, in storage, and I move out of my apartment tomorrow morning! Holy crap, right? Things are so up in the air right now that I can’t tell you where I’ll be in 2 weeks, but that’s okay right now. It makes life interesting, I guess.

Memorial day will be spent moving, but maybe I’ll fit something festive in! In any case, this blog is about to be poppin’ cause summer is here and that means good food, great weather, picnics, cookouts, Independence Day, and a whole plethora of ways to celebrate!

Have a happy Memorial Day!